Saturday, June 12, 2010

epic summer adventure!

It's been far too long since I've made a post, which is ridiculous, because I've actually been having more fun and doing more things these past few weeks of summertime than I usually do.

The best thing by far that has happened this summer was that I my friend Mattie & I got to meet the wonderful Cari Ann Wayman (yyellowbird on flickr) and Jon (jonapc123). It's probably a good thing that I let some time pass before I made this post, because had I tried to post it sooner it would just be a longwinded run-on sentence of gushing and exitedness. It was amazing! We spent the day exploring abandoned houses and taking pictures and it was just wonderful--Cari is honestly my favorite photographer of all time, and I feel so lucky to have met her and Jon both! They were both super sweet and fun to be around and had a lot of awesome stories about their travels. =) It was such an amazing experience, I could ramble on about it for a long time, haha. So instead I am going to upload some photos!