Monday, July 11, 2011

thrift store & yard sale finds!

I've been looking for a brownie camera ever since I heard that my grandma took pictures with one. I'd stumble across one at an antique store or a second hand shop every once in a while, but they were always kind of pricey for me...but one fine day I decided not to get a diet coke & fruit snacks from the vending machine at work & lo & behold, I come across a yard sale (on a friday afternoon at 3:00?!) & the first thing I see is this beauty for the same price as those fruit snacks & diet coke. SUCCESS! & As much as I would love to use it, the guy at West Side Camera pretty much convinced me I'd have an easier time going to Mordoor than to come across 620 film, load it & use it. I think it's do-able, though, I'll keep my eyes open.
Besides the camera, I also got this pink dress & the white belt in the picture above for just 1.5o! & although you can't see it very well, I'm also wearing a pink & blue scarf that I got from a cute old lady's yard sale for .50! yayyy.

Other things recently purchased for real cheap
~a ceramic leaf dish with an adorable squirell on it. It's cuter than it sounds, I should probably take a picture of it. 1$
~mildy high (saddle shoe-like) heels. 1$
~Owl shirt
~purple shirt for clinic in the fall
~seafoam green with blossoms swimming suit!

p.s. this is my first post in a really long time! If anyone is reading this, I hope you find some good finds at soon :)

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